Powder Mill Counseling Services
Making Change Happen
Powder Mill Counseling Services (P.M.C.S) is dedicated to providing quality psychotherapeutic services to persons in Prince George's County Maryland and surrounding areas.

One of the core principles at P.M.C.S is the importance of 'Compassion' for clients seeking assistance. It is said that compassion "starts in the heart and moves to the hands." This principle ensures that the client's concerns and feelings will be given utmost consideration in decisions made regarding the client.

The 2nd core principle is 'Collaborative Commitment.' This principle highlights the dedication necessary in setting, striving, and ultimately reaching specific treatment goals vis-a-vis a working alliance with the client.

The 3rd core principle is ' Competence .' Individuals can, and should, expect quality service, and a standard of care as specified by the Board of Examiners, the licensing agency for the State of Maryland.

Office Hours:

Monday:         1pm-9pm   Tuesday :       1pm-9pm   Wednesday:   1pm-9pm    Thursday:      1pm-9pm
Friday            1pm-7pm

Saturday/Sunday: CLOSED

No walk-ins accepted

Thought for the Month

"Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken."
                                                                                                                       ~  Oscar Wilde